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IDEAL ROOFING, who manufactures metal roofing and cladding panels launched their new line of WAKEFIELD BRIDGE solid steel shingles in 12 designer colours four years ago. After running the same commercial for the past three years, this year InnovaCom produced a new television commercial with the cooperation of Rachel Perrault of the Mensour Agency, the technical services of Affinity Productions (Mike Wetmore and Karl Roeder) and actors Annie Lefebvre and Henry Gauthier whose talent was featured in both the French and English versions of the production, a rare and exceptional feat in this industry. The commercial aired in the spring in Québec and Ontario on CBC, Radio-Canada, OMNI (Rogers) and CTV. In case you are wondering, the name WAKEFIELD BRIDGE was chosen for the new product because IDEAL ROOFING sheet metal roofing was used to cover the historic Wakefield covered bridge following a successful fundraising campaign to rebuild the bridge in 1997 after fire destroyed the landmark in 1984.

  • Published: June 28, 2011


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