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Out of the blue, a local self-made entrepreneur, Luc St-Pierre walked into our studios one day to share his idea of a new board game. We listened to him as he shared his vision about board games. He wanted to create a board game called Mister Mailman. Needless to say, our creative team of designers and illustrators jumped on the opportunity. Mister Mailman soon came to life and found his way to the shelves of specialty stores. We have since designed and produced three more games — Mister Mailman Junior, BOO and Spuzzle — which Luc carries with him from one trade show to another, from New York to Dubai, and from Chicago to Las Vegas, in search of distributors. Our graphic designers are having fun giving life and form to the ideas of Luc St-Pierre and Gamebrotherz, the company he created to market his products. ,Read the LaPresse article "GameBrotherz tout près du succès" (in French only).

  • Published: April 4, 2011
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